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    • Thu, January 30, 2020
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    • Fri, January 31, 2020
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    • Tacoma, WA
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    WATSA is pleased to offer

    The Static-99R and STABLE 2007 two-day training

    Date:Thursday January 30th & Friday January 31st, 2020

    8:30am - 5:00pm

    LocationLa Quinta Inn & Suites

    1425 East 27th Street

    Tacoma, WA 98421

    Hotel Information

    Cost: $325; 16 CEUs

    This two-day workshop provides a research overview and up to date training on the administration and scoring of the Static-99R which was significantly updated in 2016.  The Static 99R is the most widely used risk assessment tool around the world.  Additionally, this training covers STABLE/ACUTE-2007 risk/needs assessment protocol, how to combine scoring of the multiple instruments, and how to conceptualize, describe and report on overall risk levels. This training will include revisions to the Acute 2007 materials released in late 2019, however, scoring of the Acute will not be covered.  Training includes large group discussions, role play, small group and individual exercises with a focus on becoming proficient in the use of these sexual offense specific tools. The workshop is designed for all stakeholders in sexual offense specific management, including parole/probation officers, law enforcement, treatment providers, attorneys, evaluators, managers and administrators. Participants will not only learn the administration and scoring of these instruments, they will also receive feedback and suggestions for interviewing skills and obtaining information in adversarial contexts. The training will also focus on the scoring of the assessments.  For those in a forensic context, defending these in court will not be covered.  Participants will receive copies of the risk tools, interview guidelines, scoring sheets, and other materials, with no restrictions on duplication for their own use.


    For those working in a forensic or inpatient setting, additional materials will be made available for conceptualizing and scoring the Stable 2007.

    Trainer bios: 

    Jeff Landon is administrator of an acute psychiatric evaluation and treatment facility in Olympia Washington.  In his current role, he is also a member of the Justice Involved Mental Health Steering Committee. Prior to this role, he was the Senior Administrator of Washington Department of Corrections’ (WADOC) Evidence-Based Programs to include sex offender treatment, assessment, substance use disorder treatment, gender responsive operations, quality assurance and the sex offender Law Enforcement Notification (LEN) program. He is certified to deliver the Static 99R, with recertification to train the updated Static 99R 2016 version.  He served in many roles within WADOC’s sex offender treatment and assessment program to include the statewide Clinical Director. SOTAP is a prison-based sexual deviancy treatment for nearly 600 clients at two prisons for male offenders, a small program in an institution for females and community-based treatment upon release from incarceration. He has presented at the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers national conference related to the treatment of high-risk individuals who categorically deny offending and at various other conferences related to risk assessment and sex offender treatment and management. He currently provides subject matter expert consultation related to the treatment, supervision, management, and reintegration of individuals found to meet criteria under Sexually Violent Predator statutes. He has trained forensic evaluators, treatment providers, attorneys, corrections administrators and criminal justice professionals in many jurisdictions in the use of the Static 99R, Stable and Acute 2007.

    Corey McNallyI earned my BA in psychology in 2005 and my MS in Clinical Psychology in 2007 at Eastern Washington University.  I completed my practicum at the now closed Pine Lodge Correctional Center for Women.  After graduate school I worked in a residential care facility in Spokane for primarily the mentally ill after being released on an LRA from Eastern State Hospital.  In 2008 I began working at the Special Commitment Center as a psychology associate.  I provided treatment to both the special needs and regular track populations. I also served in various treatment team lead capacities and was a member of the Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT). I went through the FBI Hostage Negotiations training in 2010.  Also in 2010 I became an adjunct lecturer for Eastern Washington University at the Bellevue campus. While at the SCC I revised a portion of the treatment program.  I earned my license as a mental health counselor in 2012. In 2014 I took a temporary position with the Department of Corrections as an administrator for cognitive behavioral programs and returned to SCC later that year. In the spring of 2015 I started in my current position as the Qualtity Assurance and Training Manager for the sex offender treatment and assessment programs.  In this position I researched and wrote the current treatment program and in January of 2016 I became a certified trainer in the Static 99R and the Stable and Acute 2007.  I have provided numerous trainings on these assessments and presentations on the DOC treatment program. 

    • Fri, March 20, 2020
    • 11:00 AM
    • Sun, March 22, 2020
    • 12:00 PM
    • Suncadia Resort
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    2020 WATSA Spring Conference at Suncadia


    Friday March 20th 1:15PM - 5:30PM

    Michael F. Caldwell, Psy.D

    Advances in Risk Assessment of Individuals Adjudicated for Sexual Offenses as an Adolescent.


    This session will discuss the purpose and methods of sexual recidivism risk assessment for adolescents.  The research evidence related to what contributes to the onset of sexual misconduct in teens will be reviewed.  The evidence related to recidivism risk will be discussed.  A protocol for assessing risk relevant issues in adolescents; including treatment needs and potential for responsiveness will be discussed, along with tools that can be used to conduct risk relevant assessments.

    Learning Objectives

    1.     Participants will learn the current information on juvenile recidivism base rates.

    2.     Participants will learn the domains that contribute to adolescent sexual misconduct.

    3.     Participants will learn 3 instruments related to risk assessment with adolescents

    Saturday March 21st 9:00AM - 5:30PM

    Kevin Creeden, MA, LMHC.

    Adjusting the Lens: A Neuro-developmental Perspective on Treating Sexual Behavior Problems in Adolescence.


    Research has shown a connection between experiences of maltreatment, attachment difficulties and disrupted neurological development in children.  The effect of these early developmental experiences can have a significant impact on specific brain functions such as emotional and behavioral regulation, language processing, and adaptive decision- making. Given that many of the youth that we treat come from backgrounds with histories of abuse, neglect, and/or family dysfunction; this research is particularly pertinent to how we understand and intervene in our client’s behavior.

    This training looks at the connections between adverse childhood events and problematic sexual behavior by examining what we know about the neurological impact of early trauma and insecure attachment relationships on children and adolescents. We will present a treatment approach that seeks to integrate the brain based research on trauma and attachment and our understanding of “healthy” childhood development with an emphasis placed on interventions that help adolescents achieve developmental progress rather than those that “solely” look to find a means for stopping negative behavior.

    Sunday March 22nd  9:00AM - 10:25AM

    Solving Ethical Problems in Sex Offender Evaluation, Treatment, and Management.

    Panel Members TBA

    10:35AM - Noon

    Jacob Bezanson, ESRC Chair & Jedd Pelander, Juvenile Rehabilitation Program Administrator for Youth Who Sexually Offend

    The 30th Anniversary of the Community Protection Act and the ESRC


    How did we get here and what are we doing now?  30 years ago the Community Protection Act was unanimously passed and signed into law creating sex offender registration, notification, and civil commitment for sexually violent predators.  As a result, the End of Sentence Review Committee (ESRC) was established to review individuals releasing from state institutions in order to recommend notification levels and make appropriate referrals, to include sexually violent predator referrals.  This session will provide information on the Community Protection Act and current practices of the ESRC and ESRC Juvenile Subcommittee, to include process changes as a result of Senate Bill 6160.   The session will be presented by the current chairs of the ESRC and ESRC Juvenile Subcommittee.



    WATSA prefers that you register and pay on-line.   We have provided a copy of the REGISTRATION FORM if you want to register by mail or fax and then pay by check.  If you want to register  using the paper form and pay with a credit card please contact Maureen Saylor for details regarding how to do this.

    Registration Fees Include:  Admission to all sessions; access to all handouts; dinner on Friday night; lunch on Saturday and a Continental Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday, as well as the opportunity to network with colleagues! Coffee, tea & other beverages will be provided for scheduled breaks for all conference attendees.



    This year we will continue to offer a special rate for WATSA/ ORATSA members.

    BEFORE February 14, 2020:                

    WATSA/OATSA Members:  $330.00     

    ATSA Members: $340.00                      

    Non-members  $350.00

    AFTER  February 14, 2020:                  

    WATSA/OATSA Members:  $370.00     

    ATSA Members: $380.00                      

    Non-members  $390.00


    SUNCADIA RESORT: You are responsible for obtaining your own room registration.  Call as soon as possible, there are a limited number of rooms available at Suncadia Resort  

    Call the reservation number (866-904-6300) during business hours:

    Mon – Fri            8am – 6pm

    Sat – Sun           9am – 5pm

    If you call outside of the business hours you may not be able to book with the special rate. Be sure to identify you are reserving for the WATSA conference.  (Please call us if you have problems obtaining a room.)

    Room Rates: 

    Deluxe guest room - $149.00    One bedroom suites - $189.00

    Cancellation Policy

    There will be a $50.00 fee charged for each cancellation. There will be no refunds after February 18, 2019 or for “no shows”.  Substitutions will be allowed.

    Want to Register as a Group?  

    Single agencies registering three or more participants will receive a $10.00 per person discount. All group registrants must submit paper registration forms and make a payment in the same envelope (or in one electronic payment) and  provide registration forms together to be eligible for this group discount.  Please use a separate  registration form for each person.

    WATSA is continuing to be green this year, and will email conference handouts to registrants within 1-2  weeks prior to the conference.


    For further information, contact conference co-chairs:

    Robert Beattey, JD, MA, Ph.D.                                                

    The Beattey Group, pllc.                                                            

    212 Broadway E., #22351                                                  

    Seattle, WA 98122                                                                     

    T: (206) 714-6268                                                                       

    Email: rb1@beattey.org


    Maureen Saylor RNMA

    3516 So. 47th St., Suite 201
    Tacoma WA 98409

    T: (253) 312-3961

    Email: msaylor@msn.com

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